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a-binding PRESS combines the studio of artist karenVsandon and hangings of her work with a 42m2 dedicated space designed with the artist printmaker in mind.  You can purchase work directly from the artist or participate in the meditative and satisfying experience of artist printmaking.


We offer structured classes for beginners and intermediate printmakers, mentor led individual sessions and self directed studio rental to individual experienced artist printmakers and collaborators. 


Mindful of our environmental footprint, we minimise and avoid, wherever possible, the use of products derived from petrochemicals. We reuse and recycle everything we can, and can cater to those of us who have sensitivities to turps and other chemicals. Taking papers up to 56 x 76cm and catering to plates around 540 x 600mm, the Press we use is a Melbourne Etching Supplies Direct Drive Intaglio Press. With 4 inking stations, separate areas for handling wet and dry papers, a separate etching station catering to plates up to 540 x 600mm and sufficient tools, equipment and inks to get the job done, we hope you will find the workshop comfortable, functional, and inspiring.


We would love to see you soon to share the joy and satisfaction of pulling that beautiful handmade image from the press, unique every time!


Read more about our classes and workshops.

Our steel bed precision artist press
Our studio has 4 inking stations
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