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Please join karenVsandon in the studio to work on your prints, anytime by arrangement. You can book into our ongoing half or full day sessions either individually or be part of a small group. Or you can enroll into one of our structured workshop programs. We are happy to arrange gift cards anytime.


We have a small range of papers, inks, tools and other materials on hand that offer quality while being respectful of the budget, or we can advance order in to your specific requirements. We can work with you and your own materials provided they are consistent with our policy, OHS and quality standards. Please discuss this with us beforehand to ensure your session(s) run smoothly. We offer materials to you at the cost price to us in order to ensure that you can be confident that you are making archival conservation quality work.



You can make archival artist prints with a-binding PRESS whether you’ve made lots before or never even seen one.


You can enroll in one of our workshops or ongoing programs, or contact us to start your printmaking adventure anytime.  Discounts are available if you purchase more than 4 sessions in advance. We are happy to enroll young people in a session or workshop, but ask that a support person accompanies all young people under 12. We welcome VCE students, and can arrange gift vouchers as needed.


Read the ‘introductory programs’ leaflet

Read the brochure

Book a place



Intermediate print-makers have some print making experience and can work with limited supervision if needed for short periods.

Read the ‘advanced programs’ leaflet

Read the brochure

Book a place



We are also happy to work with you one-to-one.

Read the ‘working with individuals leaflet’

Read the brochure

Book a place

Remember that experienced printmakers are able to hire the workshop for their private use for agreed periods.

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